May 28, 2012

TuneUp Utilities 2012 with great useful tools

TuneUp Utilities 2012 is an easy to use computer optimization utility with many useful tools to keep your computer fast safe and reliable.  Works nice for the average user and has too much extra tools to keep the geeky side of us happy as well.  TuneUp works as it claims to, comes with a lot of extras and is fairly priced.  For those reasons, TuneUp Utilities 2012 gets an honorable Brontobyte on a scale from bytes to Brontobytes. This is an important tool to have in your toolbox.It performs much needed system maintenance and keeps your computer clean and fast with just one click.TuneUp 2011 helps increase the performance of your computers by freeing up unused disk space and cleaning out the registry through easy steps. 

The Tune-Up Utilities 2012 was released with new and enhanced features to boost the overall performance of computers and, thereby, indirectly increasing the productivity of computer users. 
First released in 1997, then the Tune-Up 97, Tune-Up Utilities has continued to evolve to match computer users’ needs. It hasn’t become a favorite tool for PC optimization for no good reason. In fact, it boasts in its over 30 tools which can help computer users in various ways and can meet their different needs especially on PC optimization.
The current version, Tune-Up Utilities 2012, retains most of the previous version’s features. Aside from some enhanced tools, it also has some new features. The most significant addition in this version is the Tune-Up Economy Mode.The Tune-Up Economy Mode enables users to decrease costs on energy expenditure by increasing the battery life of mobile PCs like laptops and notebooks. With this tool, the authors claim up to 30% improvement in PCs’ battery life. It definitely doesn’t eliminate the need to charge the mobile PCs once their batteries are drained out, but it allows users to use them for a longer time when they are unplugged. This maybe useful while working outdoors, when there’s a blackout, and when users are in similar instances where they don’t have an access to a power socket to plug their mobile PC into. 
This doesn’t mean, however, that Tune-Up Economy Mode is not needed for desktops or when the mobile PC is plugged into a socket. The Economy Mode cuts costs on energy expenditure by preventing unnecessary energy consumption. This tool is helpful in reducing the processors’ performance and optimizing their battery consumption for maximum battery life and sufficient power daily use. It also lowers the power consumption of many built-in and connected devices.  Moreover, it turns off unnecessary programs and tasks running on the background as one uses his or her computer. Once the Tune-Up Economy Mode is activated, all non-essential background processes are switched off. All these functions lead to a significantly lower energy consumption.The 2012 version also prides in the enhanced Tune-Up Program Deactivator which now has an automatic function. Many users are not aware of unnecessary programs running on their computer’s background at start-up, runtime and shutdown.These programs continue to run at the background whether they are being used or not. The result is that the computer slows down significantly. Once enabled, Tune-Up Program Deactivator automatically gets rid of the unnecessary slowdowns by disabling unnecessary programs. Additionally, when these programs are needed, they are automatically re-enabled. Thus, users expect a boost in their computer’s speed and performance. At the same time, they’re kept safe from viruses and malware as the tool doesn’t disable essential software like anti-virus programs.

          More Top Features Of TuneUp Utility 2012

1.  1-Click Maintenance 
2.    TuneUp Disk Doctor
3.    TuneUp Disk Space Explorer
4.    Drive Defrag.
5.    Economy Mode
6.    Live Optimization
7.    Process Manager
8.    Program Deactivator
9.    Registry Cleaner
10.   Shortcut Cleaner
11.   Shredder
12.   StartUp Manager
13.   System Informations
14    StartUp Optimizer
15.   Undelete and Uninstall manager


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